Serving  Greek Omogenia Around the World

Legal Partner to International Companies in Greece 

About us…


Oikonomopoulou law office located in Athens, Greece, was established in 1992 by Mrs Areti and Mrs Niki Oikonomopoulou and provides a wide range of specialized legal services to both domestic and international clients. 

We serve the interests of the Greek Omogenia around the world and provide legal support to foreign companies that operate or would wish to start up or shut down their businesses in Greece.

We are commited to delivering results and have build up over the years a capable, competent, experienced team comprised of professional lawyers, taxation experts, accountants and other consultants who are well- equipped to assist clients both in contentious and non-contentious matters. We can navigate our clients effectively through greek legal complexities and deliver results tailored to their individual needs and consistent to their business objectives.


Greeks living abroad need usually services related to inheritance, estate planning, real estate matters and taxation. The greek legal and tax system has traditionally been very complicated and indeed a real labyrinth for Omogenis. Nowdays, with the Economic crisis prevailed in Greece, laws change day by day and the obligations of both greeks living in the country and others living in Diaspora but have economic or other interests in the country are a moving target. It is essential and vital that you have a trustfull and competent lawyer in Greece to take care of your issues.

Corporate Services

International companies operating in Greece need services in commercial and corporate law, general litigation matters, employment law, cross-border disputes, real estate, intellectual property law, investments, registration of companies and international tax planning.

Expatriates, Foreigners with interests in Greece

Foreigners living and working in Greece are in need of legal services as they are liable in many ways to the complexities of the Greek legal system as are the Greek citizens. Foreigners have silmilar obligations to Omegenis (see above). In that sense, we provide services in the area of:

Family law pertinent to divorces, child custody visitation and support, spousal support palimony and alimony, equitable distribution, enforcement of foreign Court judgments in Greec.

Immigration law to determine your eligibility for various types of visas, permanent residency and guide you through the application process or wether you can bring family members into the country to live with you. We can also help individuals who have entered the country illegally, overstayed or violated the conditions of their visas and are facing removal or deportation proceedings.